Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Never-Ending Kitchen Cabinets

I have been staring at my kitchen cabinets for six years wishing they would change. Mediocre, uninteresting, bland...well, you get the picture. So I decided to make changes, a few cabinets at a time, starting with those above the kitchen desk area. I say desk, but what I mean is 'the dump.'
I was hoping to make a display for the dishes and platters I had to keep hidden behind those bland, oh-so-boring cabinet doors. I love how it came out, and now I'm ready to tackle the other cabinets (leaving the doors on this time).

I painted the inside with a turquoise paint I bought on the clearance shelf at Home Depot for $2.50.
And when two coats had dried, I put the shelves back in then glued painted moulding to the shelf edges to give the display a custom look.

The most fun was deciding what items I would put on the shelves of my brand new custom display cabinet!!!
I included favorite pieces old and new. The narrow cubbies on the bottom were tough to paint so after a messy first coat attempt, I rolled up vintage music sheets and placed those inside the wider cubbies. The  music unrolled itself to fit the space perfectly.
I still stare at my kitchen cabinets, but now I do it with LOVE in my eyes.

The project took two days and cost less than ten dollars! Yeah!!